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Here's is the question I need to answer. I'm so confused.I read about the memo, but I still don't know ow to start. Please, can someone help me. Thank you very much in advance.

Your client has inflammatory bowel disease and has been prescribed the medication Mesasal®. Develop a plan of care that addresses the clients need for information regarding this medication using the information provided in the CPS example. Mesasal® is used to treat acute inflammatory large bowel disease, which may include Crohn's colitis and ulcerative colitis. Mesasal® is also used to maintain remission of Crohn's colitis or to prevent relapses of ulcerative colitis


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I would look up the drug and ask myself ''what does the patient need to know?', make a list and then put them in order of importance and use that to make your teaching plan.

for example..

I believe think that this drug is enteric coated (swallow it whole, do not crush or chew)

timing of medication

drug-drug interactions (pretty sure it interacts with naproxen (important because a lot of patients do not think of the OTC drugs that they take)

side effects (warn them of the remnants of the drug shell that they may see in their stool)

allergies (this can be missed!!)

use the list you create and develop some nursing interventions (your teaching) that will help you teach the client about the drug and be sure to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching

think of the things that you would want them to know so that they are familiar with the drug, its side effects and interactions so that they may be compliant with the med taking and are knowledgable about the drug.

hope this helps

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you are to

develop a plan of care that addresses the clients need for information regarding this medication using the information provided in the cps example.

i suggest

  • looking at the cps example you were given (i do not know what the abbreviation cps means but you must if you used it)
  • looking up information on the drug mesasal® ( and
  • start with the nursing diagnosis of deficient knowledge, _______ r/t lack of information. decide what you think will be important for the patient to know. at the end of the first webpage listed above is a list of patient information that they felt was important for patients to know. based on other patient teaching do you feel would be important to include in this plan of care?
  • my drug reference has these teaching considerations listed for this drug:
    • usual course of therapy is only 3-6 weeks
    • if the rectal suspension is being used they should shake the bottle well before using it
    • call the doctor if they develop gi symptoms (cramps, gas, nausea, diarrhea)
    • report abdominal cramping, pain, diarrhea with blood, headache, fever, rash, or chest pain as these are signs that the doctor will want to consider in making a decision to discontinue the drug


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thank you very much!

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