need help! 2nd entry programs in toronto?

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Hi there. I am a Health science student at UWO. I will be going into 2nd year this year and I am thinking of applying to the 2nd entry program at York or UofT. I know they prefer people who already have a degree. But do anyone in the programs know how many younger students they will accept? I really need to get into nursing next year because I hate my current program and the faculity I am at offers no help to me at all. I can not imagaine me getting a degree from there anymore. I did some research for nursing, and I realize nursing would be more suitable for me than health science. Right now I am trying to get my pre-req required to fit into my timetable(uwo won't even let me register in courses right now and none of the staff wants to help me at all) , and I am also doing some volunteer work at canadian blood service. What gpa do I need in order to be competitive?

You will need to check their website on the GPA you need. You will also need to finish your degree to be competitive. I know every year at U of T, there are normally around 3 people that already have a PhD before doing the BScN program. Furthermore, I have heard more than 20% of the class already have a masters so Im sure its very competitive. With this, Im thinking more than 80% average, good references and relevant experience such as your nursing research experience will help


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Oh, I have the average, a pretty good references and some relevant volunteering experiences. I just haven't finish my degree yet, and I don't really wanted to spend another 2 years at western. I guess I will at least give the pre-req a try this year and see how it goes. How is the nursing program at UofT? in terms of course load and material. Thanks

Honestly, Im not sure. I never took the undergrad program. From what I hear, it seems to be quite a lot of materials especially considering the shorter time frame it takes to complete it. I really hope you will get in. Try it. You never know. Everything depends on the applicant pool for a given year and that you can never predict how strong the pool will be. There is no harm in applying. Might as well.

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