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Need help from Navy Nurses

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Hi all

I'm looking into applying to the Navy Nurse Corp in February after I finish with my first year on a telemetry unit. I've been speaking with a recruiter but wanted some input from those on the inside....what sort of things can I do to increase my chances of being selected? I'm working to get certified as a progressive critical care nurse as well as other basic certs between now and then. I just want to do all I can to increase my chances of getting back in. (Served on submarines a while back)



Considering three years of experience are required minimum right now to get into the reserves, if you want to join active, you're going to need lots of experience in a competitive specialty.

Government / Military Nursing

You'll find information that's much more current at the link above.


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Navy reserves only require 3 months of experience to apply. I agree that to be competitive, the more the better.


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I appreciate the website, but I have been working with an officer recruiter and will be submitting my package for this coming board. I've been a nurse for 7 months. I was told they need 90 days of experience for reserves. The OP can contact an officer recruiter and verify the information for themselves, but I'm just passing on my first hand experience so far.

MikeHeppe, hello and how are you? First…foxessb1 is correct in that the RESERVE side of the house only requires a minimum of 90 days to apply for a subspecialty. Second, I need to know if it is Reserves or Active you are interested in because they are very different in both answer and expectation.

I try to check this as often as I can, so I will wait for your reply to continue the answers.

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