need help about moving to reno!!

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hello everyone i live in kansas city ,mo and just starting my lpn program,i will be graduted next year and im thinking about moving to reno, the cost of living high? is it easy to find a lpn job???i don't care working in a nursing home or hospital...and whAT is the best neigborhood to raise my kids(best school)thank u all very much!!

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I lived in Reno for 2 years and frequently travel there. I cannot answer your questions about nursing opportunities but I can give you some information about the city.

I don't know what cost of living is like in MO, but compared to Las Vegas, where I currently live, Reno is relatively low, and getting cheaper, a housing bubble popped, and prices are continuing to go lower.

As for good neighborhoods, they are scattered throughout the metropolitan area. There are some very nice neighborhoods towards the center of the city, as well as some on the outskirts. The quality of the schools I cannot comment on, as I have no knowledge of them.

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Northwest Reno and South Reno (South Meadows & Damonte Ranch areas) are the newer areas of town, and nice neighborhoods to live in. I didn't go to school there or raise kids there, so I can't really speak to the schools much...however, I'm sure the folks living in those areas would be making sure their kids are going to good schools.

Cost of living is lower - you can probably snag a house in the market there for a very good price.

I didn't see many LPNs in the hospital environment - maybe 2-3 total. These were nurses who had worked there forever. Most LPNs that I knew worked LTC. I'm not sure what the salaries were.

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