NEED HELP-Licensed RN (ASN), no experience and out of school going on 3 years...

U.S.A. New Jersey


My question is for people who do the hiring......I graduated my nursing program (ASN) almost 3 years ago, I'm a licensed RN and have no nursing experience except for the clinicals at school. Due to a multitude of reasons (including spouse having surgery and being on disability, my own shoulder injury which took months of physical therapy (it's perfect now), etc..), I stayed at my current, non-nursing job since it paid about the same rate as a new nurse.

This has been very disappointing since I had been, and still am, jumping at the bit to begin my nursing career. Anyway, I went to a job fair and it was very discouraging. I understand the competition is now tough, I can deal with that, but they all looked at me like I was nuts and really didn't want to even talk to me because I have no experience AND I've been out of school for almost 3 years (so I'm not considered a "New Grad"). Any advice, ideas, would be greatly appreciated.

i am so sorry to hear that. i'm in the same boat, i graduated last jan 2010 and still looking for a job and no luck! some forum they says if one year passed and a new grad still has no job, then he/she needed to take a refresher course, idk if this is true though. but i guess it makes sense, since it would definitely help refreshing our memories again. all the best of luck to us and hopefully, we'll both find a job soon. :grad:

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