Need help with ideas for active rehab of left hemiplegic patient



My name is Jason and I am a first year nursing student. Today we had clinicals at a rehabilitation hospital on the stroke unit. My pt was 58 yo male with left sided hemiplegia. He could pivot transfer with one assist, and had learned to compensate for his left arms paralysis with his right arm. He also has peripheral vision loss in the left eye and neglects to compensate for it by looking to the left when he wheels himself with his right foot in his wheel chair. He is mentally intact and the only mentation deficits were forgetfulness of the first two weeks post stroke, and it took him concentrated effort to pronounce the words correctly. He is neither receptive, nor expressive aphasic. He was an avid hunter and his prognosis is that he will regain function of his limbs, and his vision will return with time and rehabilitation. It has been about one and a half months post CVA. He also had a right craniectomy, and must wear a helmet when out of bed to protect his brain.

We were assigned the task of coming in tomorrow with an activity that will help our patients rehabilitation goals that does not feel like "work" or "rehab", such as card games, coloring, drawing etc. I was trying to think of an activity to help with either his left arm paralysis, or his neglect for the lost vision in his left eye. However, I am having trouble coming up with any ideas that would be engaging, and at least moderately fun that would not insult him by being below his current state or activities that he could not accomplish.

Anyone with ideas or guidance to help me help my patient would be greatly appreciated.

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