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Need help with homework pleaaase help!


The mid to lower section of the left mainstem bronchus was displaced anteriorly and medially; this was also partly occluded by a combination of an external bronchial tumor which was eroded into the left mainstem bronchus. There was a 50% obstruction of the left mainstem bronchus, but the bronchoscope could be passed beyond the obstruction and the left lower lobe bronchus, with all segments and subsegments identified. Multiple biopsies, washings, and brushings were obtained from the left mainstem bronchus tumor. There was some bleeding around the tumor, even before the bronchoscope was advanced to the tumor, which was washed.

How far was the bronchoscope inserted?

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I am late to this party.....this is a pre-nursing course? What is this? A&P?

We are happy to help with homework but we won't do it for you. First I need to kow what you know. What do you think?.

I actually figured it out and passed this assignment with an A. I actually finished this course last week with a "A":) lol It was a medical terminology course