i need help about going lvn


i'm a new to nursing and im going to lvn program, any suggestion for newbies? and what is tea test? how come what say the amount of salary from site doesnt match they give you? i'm so scared right know :redbeathe


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hello, raisugen. congrats in getting accepted into the nursing program. here are some tips for you. i've been in the lpn program for a while (i have 6 more months) and i'd thought i'd offer some advice. i hope you find these helpful.

1) don't procrastinate. read when you have to read. study when you have to study. if you put it off, there might not "be" time later.

2) stay ahead. this may be a very difficult thing to do, but if you know the next assignment ( the instructor should give you a syllabus) read ahead or study. this will give you an overview of what the next topic is about and if you have questions ask.

3) this may sound "kindergarten" but always ask questions. lol! i do that all the time and that shows the instructor that you are eager to learn. you may be the only one the persistanly asks questions, but so be it, you wanna learn and that is what you are there for.

4) don't expect everything to be taught in nursing school !! i learnt this early on. this is the most important thing. not many students recoginize this. teachers will not teach you, nor can they, everything you need to know in nursing.. sometimes you need to pick up the initiative and learn on your own. always read to enhance your knowledge even if the material has nothing to do with the topic your on in nursing class.

5) always at every opportunity, unless if you not been trained to do so, "get your hands dirty" at clincals. every skill that you have been trained to do, do. ask if u can help do a particular skill, if u have been trained. also never do any skill w/o the presence of your instructor, esp if it an invasive procedure. remember, you are actually practicing under someone's license.

6) people will hate you, people you like you. this unfortunately, i had to experience. there are some people in this world, whom will hate you for knowing everything, will hate you for always wanting to learn more, will hate you for getting good gardes, will hate you for whatever reason. then there are people whom will like you as a friend, as a mentor, people who wanna learn from you, people who care.

7? expect to have no life. sadly this is true. your books will become your best friend. you will not have as much freedom as you used to. i'm just saying, be prepared to be busy. things will have to be sacrificed. gone are thoes late night tv shows. but in the end, it will all be worth it. trust me.

8) develop good study habits. this is essential to nursing. find out what type of learner you are and go with it. read the chapter. listen to lectures. watch a video of a skills. read the chapter once; your just "reading" it. read it again so you can zero in on the important stuff. if you can, read it one more time. take it once paragraph at a time. then look up from the book and recite what you have learned. i find that this helps for tests.

9) believe in yourself!! you will have bad days and good days. there are gonna be days where your like "why did i do this?" "how could i have gotten myself into this?" "i failed this test, does this mean that it's not worth it?" "nobody told me it was gonna be this hard!" but remind yourself why you are in this program. believe that you can do it. always strive for the best. expect things to not go your way. expect to be happy, sad, tearful, overjoyed, and stress-out at times. but never give up hope. the sun will shine.


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I can't answer your other questions, unfortunately, but if you need help or just wanna talk, feel free to PM me or post it here on allnurses. I wish you all the best and good luck.

Don't be scared. :icon_hug:


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here is an excellent thread you should read:

teas (test of essential academic skills)

http://www.atitesting.com/productinfo/teas.aspx - the home page of the organization that writes and administrates this test. the test covers four general areas: math, reading, english and science.

  • math covers whole numbers, metric conversion, fractions, decimals, algebraic equations, percentages, and ratio/proportion
  • reading covers paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, and inferences/conclusions
  • english covers knowledge of punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, contextual words and spelling
  • science covers science reasoning, science knowledge, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, basic physical principles and general science

http://www.atitesting.com/onlinestore/productpage.aspx?code=61&isproduct=1 - this is a link to their official study manual from their online store $34.95

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