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Need help with gauges/needle lengths for injections


Does anybody know of a good way to memorize the ranges of needle lengths and gauges to use for adults and children of varying builds? I just don't seem to be able to make much sense out of it. It's a bunch of numbers and doesn't mean much to me. I can't remember it and not sure how a nurse ever figures out what gauge and length to use without having to consult a chart! There are charts in my books and notes but it's just not coming together for me (IM, SC, and ID injections).


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I made notecards and reviewed them everyday...also when I was on rotation and some down time, I would look at the different needles and so that I could visually remember them when I needed to give an injection....you can also consult with other classmates, instructors, nurses, ect. how they learn the different sizes for injections.