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need help find a medication book

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by DisneyNurse18 DisneyNurse18 (Member)

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i am wondering if there is such a book out there that helps with explaining how to learn medications. does it exist? im just thinking that there are so many and i need all the help i can get. i heard that there is one out there but i dont know the name....but its like one of those dummies kinda books. i have searched two bookstores and found nothing!!

i would greatly appreciate any help!

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learning drugs involves organizing them. most pharmacology books have already organized the drugs into groups for you. have you tried a search on barnes and noble or amazon. there's another series of books besides the "dummies" books called "complete idiots guides". you might also go to the website of lippincott williams & wilkins who seems to be publishing one nursing book after another these days. they might have something in their nursing made incredibly easy series that addresses pharmacology. they have one series out called 2-in-1 reference for nurses. one of the books in the series is pharmacology: a 2-in-1 reference for nurses, but i have not seen what it looks like. i believe there are also professionally printed drug cards, but you will really learn more if you make your own cards.

it's helpful to learn how the various aspects of the pathophysiology of the various diseases are directly affected by the action of the various drugs. you'll remember more about a drug that way. most nursing pharmacology books are kind of organized that way. unfortunately a bunch of drug dosages and drug names aren't going to mean a whole lot to you until you start to see them used on patients and see the affects of them in the clinical area--the old "one picture is worth a thousand words" theory. for memorization, use flashcards. i've given you a link to a website that will format and print med cards for you, but you have to put all the information about each drug into the program. when i was in nursing school i used to glue the little paper packing that each pill came in to my drug cards so that i had the correct generic name of the drug. making our own drug cards was an expected activity of all nursing students.

http://www.edruginfo.com/qthome.htm - medi-quik construct-a-card. you need to register, but it's free. you have to input all the information yourself.

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