Need help on the Entry to Practice CRNA Program at Columbia University


Hi, I am a hopeful CRNA and I was wondering if anyone on this forum, who has either applied or got accepted for the ETP CRNA program at Columbia, could tell me what they are looking for in prospective candidates?

I have a 3.7 GPA and I volunteered for two summers at a local VA hospital. I also plan on volunteering in a clincal setting from now until my hopeful acceptance the following summer. I also should do well on my GRE.

If anyone has any knowledge pertaining to the ETP CRNA program at Columbia then please share it with me. Please, please, please. :)


A hopeful, but lost CRNA student.


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I was just wondering if anyone is attending (or in Columbia's case) has graduated from Columbia's Direct Entry Program.

My ideal plan is to get my Accelerated (Second Degree) BSN, take a couple of years to get my feet wet and enjoy ICU experience and learn as much as possible. If I still feel CRNA is for me, I'll go through the hoops and hurdles.

However, I can't help but wonder about this program. It just seeems..Odd.. I would think they'll let you take an extra year or two (after the required year) for more ICU experience, or even quit the Direct-Entry Program once the ETP portion is over with if it turns out something else is my calling(which I've seen on here that many who put down NP as their Direct-Entry decided to stop at ETP).

Thanks for reading and any responses. I figured I'd cover all of my bases! :chuckle

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