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      CSU - Fresno
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      CSU - Chico

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Hi everyone. For Spring of 2019, I'm applying to Chico State, Fresno, and Long Beach for their nursing programs. If I got into all three, I would like to know what have you all heard about each campuses' nursing program and how is it like living there and getting a job afterwards.

One thing I like about Chico State is that one of my high school friends goes there as a current nursing student, and he would be able to help me out and show me the area. Also the cost of living there is much cheaper than the more popular cities. The downside is that it is very distant from my family and friends and every thing else.

I don't know much about Fresno to be honest.

Long Beach may be more expensive to live there, but it is much closer to where my friends would be so it wouldn't be too bad.

Any opinion about any facet of these colleges and their programs would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I honestly don't know a whole lot about those programs. I have heard that CSULB has a particularly good program though. At the end of the day, it comes down to the numbers. How many students from these schools are passing the NCLEX? From a quick glace, long beach looks like the ideal choice.

NCLEX Pass Rates

Long Beach - (145 students) 97.24%

Fresno -(98 Students) 85.71%

Chico - (64 students) 96.88%

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