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NeEd help on cvs-ny

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Hi everyone need some help here, im kinda worried on my application on cgfns cvs for new york.

So on oct 22 2014 i received the email from cgfns that they received my ny updated application and the ny transcript authorization form.

then comes nov 1 2014 that i get an email from cgfns that my order is incomplete due to a missing "transcript authorization form" they received it and now its missing im confused

Then i did a follow up at my school and asked if anything from cgfns arrived but nothing at all, and now its dec 1. Im kinda worried for my order bec if by dec 29 2014 they dont receive the missing requirements i have to reapply again and pay 390$ again. Which sucks.

can anyone help here and give some advice and clarification. Thank you, very much appreciated

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ghillbert has 20 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in CTICU.

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None of us can tell you, you need to call CGFNS and find out what is missing from the file.

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