Need help with contract!

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I am a brand new NP and I am not currently working or I would just ask an attorney for help with this. But I am wondering if anyone has a copy of a contract and protocol for their position as an ARNP. The doctor I will be working for has never hired anyone other than med techs so he doesn't have one prepared.

Please delete details you don't want seen but I would like to see the format and how exactly to write a contract. I know it should include time off, salary, education expenses, CEUs.

Any suggestions are welcome. My email is

Thanks in advance for all your help!!

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[h=3][/h]Carolyn Buppert is an NP and a Lawyer who specializes in NP law including contracts, etc. I know she has a book (it was required for one of my courses) which has an outline for a contract in it. If you are that close to signing and going to work with/for this doc, you might want to contact her office and see what she would be able to do for you.

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Better yet, you could email her directly and she will respond. Her info is on the public domain. She could offer her services to assist you.