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Hello. I'm an LPN student awaiting graduation, currently working as a medical interpreter at the local hospital. I passed my 1 year course, but since I did my studies online, our practical training was inadequate and I feel very incompetent. I have two choices for my course of action: join the RN program or work a little while at the local hospital because there's a high possibility that I may not be selected for the RN program due to excess applications. A lot of nurses at the local hospital are willing to help me out but I still feel inadequate and incompetent. I feel like even if I join work, I may be too incompetent that I'll just turn out to be an additional burden instead of having an opportunity to learn. In case I don't get selected for the program, should I join work as an LPN or should I wait until the next intake to polish my skills and learn more? Thank you for your advices!

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You should work as an LPN after passing NCLEX.

Can you enlighten us as to where you did your program? If the coursework was online, what type of clinicals DID you have?

Truly curious.

I did my program through a vocational training center who employed lecturers from the national university of my country. The theory was taught online but I don't have any issues with that.

However, I had my clinicals at a government hospital at a neighbouring country because the biggest hospitals in our country couldn't accommodate too many students and they were already overcrowded. I didn't get enough practice in the nursing art lab and faced a lot of difficulties in clinicals because I couldn't properly communicate with the nurses (language barriers) and had no proper mentors to guide us. :(

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Ah- I did not understand that you were not in the US. Thanks for clarifying.

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