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Hi guys,

will be thankful if anybody can give me leads to materials or if u can share info on roles and resposibility of 'PROGRAM DIRECTOR' in cardiac rehabilitation. Need it ASAP as I have an assignment to complete.

Thank you


suzanne4, RN

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Please use one of the search engines..............................


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:o have been searching on the internet but there is no solid material to refer from.

suzanne4, RN

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If you can be more specific in exactly what you are looking for, I can tell you where to look.



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Thats incredibly vague but at our hospital the program director is usually a doc that specializes in rehab medicine. The director is usually responsible for hiring a team usually of rehab and physio nurses,a social worker and an administration assistant. The director is responsible for creating and implementing the rehab program.

The director usually doesn't have to create the entire plan, all members usually help but the director is the person responsible for everything.


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Hi Moia,

Thank you so much for the info, that was really helpful to start off with. Believe me i was clueless. To give you some info about myself I am a student from Kinesiology so dont know much about what goes on inside a hospital so you guys here will be of great help.

On the same lines it would be great if others could expand on how it works in your respective hospitals or your own job responsibilities if you are a program dir yourself.

Thankx a tonne


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