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I am starting nursing school next Fall (2015) so I do have some time before I hit the non-stop studying. I would love to start advancing and getting prepared as much as possible by reviewing on my own, books, online lectures, videos, anything!

I know nursing is broad and there are alot of areas of specialty, but anything that could help during clinicals, like basics. I am interested in med/surg and peds btw. So all you experienced nurses, any tips or suggestions? I have tried researching on my own but i just don't know if what I am reading correlates with nursing..

I would highly appreciate it, thanks!

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The summer before I started nursing school one of my nursing instructors sent out some things that we could start reviewing before school started. She sent us information on basic lab values and syringe sizes and needle gauges (subQ injections, IM injections, etc). Maybe you could start there. She also recommended we start our readings. Do you have a syllabus yet?

It will definitely be easier to study and understand things, however, once you actually start school.

Here is a thread with some tips from others:

I'm sure there are many other similar threads that you can refer to as well.

Good Luck!

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Unfortunately I don't start until a year from now, actually sent out my application last week to SU and UW! Besides waiting in anticipation for acceptance, I can't wait to start and want to get a start on any info I can get my hands on.

I will check out the link, thanks! I will look around :)