Need good shoes for clinical


I am in dire need of some good shoes for clinical. I am slightly overweight with flat feet and I over pronate. They must be white. Any suggestions?


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I have flat feet and I really love my MBT's. I got a great deal on mine off e-bay. My only suggestion is to find a store where you can get fitted first because every style fits differently.


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I am 30#s overweight, have flat feet, and really pronated when I was even heavier. I just bought 3 pairs of "Optimum" from Cherokee. They cost about $68 each (I bought white, black, and brown). I think they are super "cushy" and they add about 2" to my 5'8" height. So far, my feet still feet fine after 10 hour shifts. I am loving them so far. They are a closed heel, slip on shoe. No ties to come undone and open heeled shoes aren't allowed where I work.

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