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Need to find a "Train the Trainer" course


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I've posted before about my ongoing job search. Well,I just saw a job posting for a company as an instructor in their CNA program. It lists as a requirement having completed this Train the Trainer course. I thought I had heard of it before but my web search turns up a lot of corporate, business trainers and courses.

I sent an email to the MBON and was advised to seek out a course in "Principles of Adult Education" at the local community colleges.

Unfortunately I have yet to find it anywhere.

Anyone in the Maryland area know what course they are talking about? Has anyone taken this and now teaches CNA classes? I live near Baltimore.

I was kind of excited about the opportunity because it sounds right up my alley.

By the way, the course that is required for this job is only a 14 hour class.

Any ideas?


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There is a place in VA called Vacetraining.com. It is through Virginia Adult Care Education. It provides you with the train the trainer certification for CNA and Medication aide. I am not sure if you can take it being that you are in Maryland but it would be worth a try. it may be acknowledged being that we are both compact licensure states:)

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Thanks, I will check it out. I don't think it matters where I complete the course though,but I will look into it.