Need to find active pills anonymous meeting in So. Cal

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At my last diversion meeting, I was ordered to go to Pills Anonymous meetings. Can't find any near my home, The closest one is greater than 30 miles away. Anyone out there has any info on where I can find an active meeting. The website is inaccurate regarding what meetings are active. Thanx

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Why specifically "Pills Anonymous"? The 12 Steps are the 12 Steps. Oh I know, there are those who would argue with that, but the disease of addiction isn't about the form with which you take the mood altering substance, but the disease itself. The disease is called addiction (chemical dependence, or the newest title, Substance Use Disorder). The varieties of "substance of choice" are most likely due to the various alleles of the gene involved. It's the dysfunction in the mesolimbic areas of the brain which are at the heart of addiction.

Are there NA and AA groups nearby? Why does the moderator of the diversion group insist on a Pills Anonymous group? I'm not sure "ordering" someone to a support group that is difficult to find and so far away (I mean come on, look at the price of gas!) is effective for assisting someone find recovery. This smacks of not understanding the disease concept and what recovery entails. Then again, maybe there's a really good, evidence based reason for their order that I'm unaware of at this time. Would love to know their reasoning.


At my last DEC meeting they mandated me to attend Pills Anonymous meetings; a control thing I imagine. My recovery is / was going great with the NA / AA meetings that I was attending, had a committment, etc. I understand that the 12 steps are the 12 steps, but honestly, this board does not care how difficult it is to find a PA meeting. Clean for over a year through NA, have an NA sponsor, worked all 12 NA steps, starting over again on Step 1.

The focus in NA is the disease of addiction, not the substance. Thanx for the reply.

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