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Need Encouragement and Some great advice


Okay so I've applied to Motlow Community College

For summer classes, hopefully I can take all my prerequisites

All before I start nursing school, when I get in. Although i am pretty confident, i just want to prepare myself mentally on what to expect. I do know if you apply yourself, things would come better for you. In my career goal plan, I want to graduate as an RN, go back to school for my bachelors, gain some Adult Care Experience and get my Masters, Strive to become a CRNA :-) I wanted to know has anyone attended?

Is it hard? What are some great books MUST-HAVES to buy? Just any great advice

I need to excel at the top of my class. It's good to hear from those that has already done or is doing what I'm trying to do :-)

Did you take the HESI? You can do a search for 'Motlow' and several threads will show up.

No not yet, I'm just getting started... Just wanted to know what others had to say even if they didn't attend motlow... Any advice is good.. Thanks I'll give it a try...

The only prerequisites Motlow currently requires are A&P I & A&P II. Motlow bases acceptance on HESI score and CGPA as of the fall term.

Cool beans!! I should able to take them this summer. I hope :-(

You can take A&P I this fall and A&P II in the spring and you can still be eligible to apply. These classes, if you have never had anything like this, are fast-paced and cover TONS of material. There are some co-req. classes that are offered in the summer. I think the possibility is there is take both A&P classes this summer. I don't know if they will be offered at Smyrna, or at another campus.