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Hello everybody,

I have enjoyed reading your posts, and would like some information from those experienced CRNA's. First of all, I have 20+ years of ICU experience (med-surg and trauma mostly), am just starting an on-line RN-BSN program, am a bit "older"; so with that info, what do you think my chances are of getting into a CRNA program if I have a good GPA after the BSN program? I had my CCRN, but let it go, since at the time I planned on getting out of nursing (was burned out for awhile, I thought). I've heard it took someone 4 years to get into one of the two schools that I'm closest to. She only had 2 years of ICU exp, I think, but that is discouraging. Also, how hard do you think the program will be for me, considering my experience? I hope these questions aren't too difficult to answer. Let me know if you need more info. Thank you!


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Hi, I haven't even applied yet but saw that no one answered your post so here it goes: Its impossible to predict how well you will do in CRNA school without knowing what kind of student you are. I don't think your age will prevent you from getting into CRNA school. I've heard of plenty of 50+ year olds in programs. If you preform very well in BSN program, have good science GPA, and do well on the GRE, you should be competitive. I also think you should retake the CCRN, that would show dedication. I know that sounds like a lot to take on but if its what you really want to do, it can be done. Just my :twocents: Good luck on your adventure.


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Thank you so much!!!....that's what I was hoping someone would say. I think/hope I am a much better student now...I think that's going to be my focus for the next few years is doing my best on my BSN, THEN focusing on everything else while I'm waiting to get in.

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