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Hello All,

I need some experience. I tried to take the 4 week CNA class, but I can't get time off from work to do so :cry:. I was looking to become a CNA to do some part time work on the weekends to get me some experience and get used to being on my feet. I sit at a computer all day. Does any one have any suggestions to places I can apply to w/o have the CNA certification?

Thanks in Advance.


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No one has any advice for me......:sniff:

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Well, I am trying to find a position now that I am finishing my first year. No luck anywhere so far.

Apply wherever it is you want to work - some places may be willing to train.


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I haven't had any luck yet finding a position and I finished my first year as well (and with fairly good grades to boot!)...

I've come to the conclusion that it's really not a matter of what you know but who you know (and apparently I don't know the right people!). Thankfully I just started making some contacts, and hopefully I will find a position in the hospital while I finish the next two years of my program; I'd love the extra experience.

I know Beaumont trains their own aids; other than that I"m not aware of anyplace that will take you without a CNA course or some hospital experience (ie worked previously as an aid, already in a nursing program, emt work etc)

Good luck finding something!


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Where do you live? I work at an assisted living home in Brighton and they hired me in with no experience as a Resident Assistant. I do not have my CNA either but I am in a nursing program. We just lost a girl on day shift so they are probably hiring again. You can probably choose which days you want but they expect every other weekend. The pay is only $8.50/hour but it's great experience, flexible, and the residents are very nice. If you are interested I can get you more info on how to apply.


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