Need CRNA shadowing experience in FL


Hello, all !

I have been having a tough time getting a facility to permit me to shadow their CRNA's. I work at a large teaching hospital and still can't get in with a CRNA for a shift. So here I am enlisting your help :D

Does anyone know of any facility in Florida (Tampa,FL but willing to travel) that will allow me to shadow a CRNA and see the day to day function?

Thank you


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I am also looking for a job shadow with a CRNA in the same area. I contacted TGH and they said that they dont think Team Health allows their CRNA's to be shadowed.? The Dept education lady there told me that an anesthesiologist shadow may be possible...but IMO thats not what we need? Not sure. I am going to continue to search.

Has 16 years experience.

I realize this is an old topic, but was anyone able to find someone to shadow in the Tampa (or surrounding) area?