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Hello there,

I am in a tough situation and I need some advice. I graduated from a nursing diploma program in aug 2003 in toronto and got my license in march 2004. Since then I took a break from nursing and now I'm trying to get back into it. I am having a hard time. I really want to work in a hospital med/surg or peads and have applied to almost every hospital in the GTA but no response.

I acknowlege that I have a few things against me:

1) no experience

2) no diploma

3) took a year away- rusty skills

I recently took a cont. education course in patient assessment. But I'm not sure what else I can do in order to be more attractive to hospitals.

I need advice of what I should do.

Will getting my degree help? (there is a 19 month program)

Should I just forget about nursing all together and do something else?

Please help!!

Thank you kindly,


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hi, can you please clarify: you said one of your problems is that you dont' have your diploma, but i am confused because you said that you graduated from your diploma nursing program and now licenced to work? how are you licenced if you do not have a diploma?

if nursing is what you want to do, don't give up! you've done the schooling, you have the theory, now all you have to do is just put everything into practice! believe me, even if you're a fresh grad and ready to work (like me), it still takes time to get into the groove and feel comfortable.....

take into consideration that hospitals may have certain months of the year that they do massive hiring, then are slow to hire during slower seasons.....whatever the case, if you've applied and are waiting to hear back from the hospital, then you should be PROACTIVE and call them back to check the status of your application! most places keep your file active for 3 months....if you've been waiting longer than that, then i suggest that you apply again!

it may also help if you find out the name and fax number to certain managers of the departments that you want to work in, then you can submit your resume to them directly, instead of HR (process takes longer).....then call up the manager and show your interest that you want to work on the unit! sometimes it takes more than persistance before u land your first job.....JUST KEEP CALLING until you annoy them!! this has worked for several of my colleagues! it really just shows your determination and interest for working for them, so it's a good thing that you're persistent!

anyway, let us know how your job search goes!


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Do you have an active license? What are the requirements to work as a nurse in Toronto? Is a diploma required. First things first, get credentialed. Next consider whethter it was the timing of your applications. I tried to find jobs during the holidays and no one responded. I couldn't believe how poorly some recruiters followed up. After I called them back I recieved job offers. Did't want to work in some of those places after I saw how unprofessional they were. Don't give up you'll find something thats right for you. ATTEND SOME JOB FAIRS . INSERVICES AND WORKSHOPS.


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Hi there, to clarify, nurses in ontario can either go to college and get there diploma in nursing or go to university and get there bachelors degree in nursing. In January 2005 Ontario stopped the diploma program and required all nurses entering the preofession to have a degree in nursing. They still allow diploma nurses to practice but anyone wanting to write the license exam has to have a degree.

I already have my nursing license for a year now.

Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement, it means alot to me.


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