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I have a nursing care plan to be done and I need Help. I had a patient whose diagnosis was small bowel obstruction. She did surgery. She did a exploratory laparotomy/small bowell resection x 2. resected jejunum, resected ileum. The Patient complain of Abd pain. The patient is NPO. She had in a NGT for suctioning but it was removed. Activity as tolerated. Patient abd is distended but soft. Have bowel sound and her lung are clear bilaterally. Patient is getting D5W 1/2NS/KCL @125ml/hr. Her 24hr intake was 1000 and her output was 300. NGT 150 anf foley 150. The foley was removed. She is anemic and have a phych history. He last bp110/70 p 80 R 18 T98.6 and 02sat 98 with deep breathing and using the incentive spirometer. Her last urine was dark yellow and she complain of dry mouth and thirst. Her labs are as follows-: RBC 2.6*, K 3.7, Na 140, Hgb. 8.2*, Hct. 23.5*, WBC 4.2, Glucose 130, Cl 101*, Platelets 393*. I donot know if I can use risk for fluid volume deficit. Need your help.:crying2:

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