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Well, after all that it's good to see that you've got some more info and have seen a decent doctor!! At times like these the right support makes all the difference to how we as individuals cope with illness. It's incredible that the system we work for can that let us down when we ourselves need it most... and that appears to be the same the world over.

Presumably the kind of pacer to be used would be a normal pacemaker as opposed to an ICD or bi-ventricular? There is recent research on the bi-ventricular pacemakers (the MUSTIC trial) but the numbers are currently small although the mid-term benefits look positive and are used for heart failure.

Going backwards again to assess your need (and type of) pacemaker further monitoring should be done. Here in the UK we offer 24 hour or 1 week Holter monitoring as well as the event recorder. And it really is useful to take your pulse when feeling unwell as I'm sure you do as the presence of any tachyarrhythmias may indicate a need for an ICD.

Wishing you well xx


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