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I am hoping someone her can help!!!!!!!!!!:confused: I either have to take math Stats or Biomedical Stats, I am terrible at math and do not know anything about the Biomedical class (by the way Biomedical is only offered on-line). ANY advise on which to take??????


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I would take the biomedical stat class. It will be geared to medical examples and could be taught in a less rigorous manner than a math focus course. If you need it, find a tutor to help you get through the course.


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I took regular statistics because my school didn't have a biostatistic class. I am not great at math and had a hard time with college algebra but got an A in statistics. I found it to be easier than college algebra. I would take the bio option because it's probably geared more towards medical students but I would make sure you can transfer it if you are looking to transfer.