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I am needing to know the best way to bathe my 2 year old who has a fresh trach that is 2 and a half weeks old. We came home 3 days ago and one home health nurse told us to put the passey muir speaking valve on during baths. I sent her home and tried doing that later in the evening, but he acted like he might have sucked in a drop or two of water when we rinsed his hair. So, should he wear his artificial nose or I even read somewhere about putting a bib on him with the plastic on the outside. He is not on a vent or feeding tube. The trach is only temporary until reconstructive surgery is done to lengthen his mandible and open his airway so he will not have sleep apnea anymore. Would like to hear a suggestion so that I can wash and rinse him the safest way in a tub or if I just wanted to let him play in a shallow pool.


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At the agency I worked for the policy was to place a nose rather than a PMV for baths unless otherwise ordered. The rationale was that it is quicker and easier for the child to cough any water out the trach than to cough it up with the PMV.

If you haven't already been there I highly recommend

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