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So I'm in my 2nd semester of LPN program, I was previously in this program but didn't pass mental health. So when I reapplied and got in I though it would be much easier, since I've seen the content before. Well, I need an 80 test average to pass the class and right now I have a 74 , we only have 2 more tests and I'm struggling. I know the content but when it comes to the tests I feel like I'm dumb, I just can't seems to pass them.. my study habits are not the best, only because I feel like I don't know how to study.... I study by myself and would like some study tips/advice if anyone has any... thank you in advance :)

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What kind of learning style (visual, auditory,kinesthetic) do you prefer? If you are not sure, you can google questionaires that help determine learning style and provide study tip suggestions for the different styles.

As an aside, the terms of service state NOT to use designations that you have not earned, since you are in pn school, you have not earned a lpn designation and should not include it in your user name. You can click on the caution symbol and ask a moderator to help you change your user name.