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Need advice


I started a new job at an SNF. Don't want to give out too much info but 1 rn to 12 pts and pts are usually postop. My concern is that I don't feel that I'm getting the hang of it. I had 3 days training and now have to figure everything out on my own. My coworkers are willing to help but they have their own pts to care for. My last 2 shifts on my own were a nightmare. I was so behind with passing meds due to dealing with other unexpected issues then having to call the on call to get a Stat order, calling the pharmacy to get ABX, figuring out how to put orders in the EMR, and completing all the orders the doctors put in the EMR, I work evening shifts, 6 hours then give report to the night nurse at midnight.

I know this probably sounds like a typical shift for everyone. But I feel so lost. I had 3 days training and when I asked other coworkers about their training, I was told that they had to figure everything out on their own. I cried twice already due to feeling so overwhelmed. I feel stupid for not being able to get everything done. My coworkers are able to do it yet I can't get the hang of it. don't know if I should find another job or stick it out.

A friend of mine worked at a sister hospital. She quit due to liability issues. She said she couldn't put her license at stake anymore. She warned me about the company overworking their nurses but I took the job anyway. I have bills and student loans to pay for and the pay is pretty good.

Has anyone gone through this? Little to no training and had to figure it out by yourself?

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My SNF job gave me five shifts, and it sounds like that is more than many get. You'll continue to learn and streamline your workflow-- it does get better!

I guess you're right. I guess I'm just looking to vent. I really hope it gets better.