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I am a lpn that works for a healthcare agency which name won't be mentioned but I go to many facilities. I worked last week at a assisting living home and their mars was very unorganized. I accidental gave oxycondone to a patient which came to me in pain and she has it in her chart as a prn. So I'm going over the narc count with the evening shift nurse and she says your not suppose to give ____ narcs . But it was in the mar. The nurse before me didn't tell me that patient does that behavior and it was my first time there. So I went to the same facility today which is friday and the agency didn't tell me not to go there so i showed up to work and then another nurse came. And they told me to leave so that was embarrassing. I feel bad and frustrated. But more embarrass i'm human.

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From your post, I'm really having a hard time understanding what happened. It seems you gave a pain med that was actually ordered for the pt, but for some reason was to be withheld? And when you reported for duty on another day, they sent you home even though you had not been called off by your agency?

Please contact your agency for appropriate feedback and scheduling. If they are unable to work with you, then find a new agency. Good luck.

Yes, it sounds like the health care agency dropped the ball. If it was supposed to be held you should have got that in report. If it was a specific behavior that made the med contraindicated for that patient, they should have oriented you to that patient and possible situation before throwing you to the wolves. Seems to me like there is no grounds for dismissal from that assignment/job. Furthermore, they either screwed up by calling another agency for a replacement and not notifying your agency, or your agency screwed up when they didnt call you ahead of time about the situation. Sounds like you are better of going to another facility though, because after they have treated you this way, even if they apologized I would not want to go back...unless they had a REALLy great reason for their behavior.

If your agency didnt talk to you about the incident most likely (if they know about it) they don't think you did anything wrong. I have been at cases (pediatric home health) where the parent sent me packing, but my agency just smiled and quickly gave me another case, usually a better case!

I think that what you are saying though is that it created an uncomfortable situation where you were blamed unjustly, which made you feel bad. Sorry : ( unfortunately I have learned that you can't take everything personally in nursing. I was ( and still am) extremely sensitive, and get upset easily. I defend my actions and justification for what I did and sometimes it doesn't matter what you just have to walk away...