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Hi all,

I stumbled upon this site and am looking for advice.I'm a sophomore at UW-Madison and was going the Pre-Med track/PA but was worried about many of the very high level classes that med school requires and thought a lot about nursing. I was not focused as a freshman and didn't have a great GPA=leaving me not competitive for the UW nursing school :(( I since switched my major to business b/c I didn't know what to do but feel like I've made the wrong choice. All I think about is how I would rather be a nursing major. My only choice would be to transfer from UW to somewhere else and take some pre-reqs and then apply to nursing. I would hate to leave a great school like Wisconsin but am not happy:( Has anyone been in a similar situation? Where would be a potential place to transfer to for nursing in the Chicago-area?? You can PM if you'd like! Thanks, Drea

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Hi all,

All I think about is how I would rather be a nursing major.

what's your end goal?

Being a nursing student enables one to become a RN.

I see nothing in your letter that indicates you are looking beyond being a student.

what do you want to do with the rest of your life?