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need advice


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HI: I want to know if any of you are required to take a math quiz before clinicals, even though you passed two other math courses last semester. At my school, we get two chances to pass the math quiz, and I flunked my second try today. So now what do I do? If I want to stick with it, I will miss the clinical this semester, and have to try again Spring semester. That puts me behind for graduation. The thing that really burns me is I am doing very well in all the nursing classes and I have been working my butt off for two bleepin' years to get this far. Any ideas/thoughts would help. thanx:uhoh3: :uhoh3:


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I just passed my dosage calc. quiz. The rules at my school are: You get 3 tries to pass [with 100% proficency]. If you fail you are dropped from the program and must apply the following FALL!! No classes or lab. NOTHING!!

See if you can take it again.

Good Luck!

It doesn't just end in nursing school. Every time you turn around as a practicing nurse, you have to test and show your work. For an old nurse like me, I had to take one this past tuesday, for a new contract position. Showing your work is hard when you just "know" the answer from doing it all the time in your head.

Get a good pharm book at Barnes and Noble and ask for another chance.

Best wishes

It never ceases to amaze me how many students can't see how important that "darn" math is!! I've graded math tests where students answer a dosage problem that meant the patient would need to receive 300 aspirin--WHAT?!?!?

Think about it as dosage calculation--its more than numbers and formulas! This is how you are going to figure out whether to give someone 0.5 cc or 50--HUGE difference!!

Same goes at my school - but ONE chance to make an 85 or you are done for the semester.

Sorry...don't intend to be mean, but those med calcs come up ALL the time. You need to know this stuff quick and on your feet. Whenever you give a med, you should always double check the pill/solution with the order to be sure they match. For example, a classmate caught an error the other day -- patient was to get 25 mg of a med which was further noted as 1 tablet. The student realized the pill sent up from pharmacy was a 50 mg tablet so the dose was actually 1/2 a tablet. Had she not noticed, she would have double-dosed the patient.


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I am asking for one more chance, because I have so much of my self tied up in this. Please wish me luck.


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So far, I have spoken to the math teacher who said it was not her decision to allow me another chance, it is up to the Nursing Department. I am approaching the director on Monday. I have written an appeal letter to her and the dean. To me, it is worth a try. I have been in school for two years and given it everything I have. I am not giving up. :bluecry1:


As far maths concern I think it's the easiest subject ,the only thing which is required is practice and time and once you undestand the formulas then it will be just a fun for u.If u have any problem u can contact me.

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