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I have a BS in computer science but I'm really not happy. I'm seriously considering going back to school for nursing. I don't know how to go about getting into a program and I don't even know what type of degree program I should be applying to. I live near Madison Wisconsin, I'm a volunteer EMT basic. I wouldn't be able to attend school full time, what are my options?


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HI there and welcome to our forum.

You can try to get into a BSN program tailored to people with prior baccalaureate degrees. The problem is, most of these are compacted, intense full-time programs and you say you have no time for that. You could check out universities in your area that offer nursing degree programs and ask if they offer any part-time programs. I will caution you, most firsttime nursing programs do NOT offer part-time programs, particularly during clinical experiences/components. You will need to be able to dedicate a lot of time to clinical experiences in hospital/long-term care and other medical settings and preparation for these. Nursing programs are surprisingly time-consuming and many people who have prior degrees are very surprised by how much tougher getting a degree in nursing can be.

What you have going for you, is the prior degree. You probably have a LOT of the requisite pre-nursing courses needed already.

One more other option that may not appeal to you but some do anyhow is to check out community colleges in your area to see who offers an associate's degree in nursing. You can get an ADN and go on to work on an online RN-BSN/MSN later.

I guess a lot depends on how time and money you have to dedicate to nursing school.

My advice like I said, go to a university or community college and see what they offer and how they can help you.

Not sure about what schools offer nursing degrees in your area? Check this site out:

I wish you the very best in your decisions and future career plans.


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I agree with the very wise person that posted before me. I was an LPN but our class was the test pilot class for using some of your LPN credits towards an ADN.

I took all my prerequistes in the mornings or evenings. I would have to switch hours to do it as I maintained a full-time position.

When we did get into the accelerated portion of the ADN which was12 months I did need to cut back to every other week-end Fri, Sat and Sun.

I had 4 children at home at the same time:roll What was I thinking?

I think there are a lot of good online courses but many wanted you to commit to the complete program and one I looked at wanted $24,000 for 2 years to get BSN.

Keep searching as your dreams can come true. I admire your grit.




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I'm in a simialar situation. I just graduated with a degree in public relations & advertising, and really don't enjoy what i'm doing. I originally started to obtain some of my pre-med reqs, but ran into a lot of personal and family issues that distracted me, which also caused a good bit of damage to my GPA...(2.5).

I've obtained both general biologies, one general chem class, and only went as far as college algebra with my current b.a. I was wondering if i chose the ADN to BSN online route, how long would it take me to complete the program, or to atleast start working as an RN with an a.d.? Also, If I ever wanted to go as far as trying to get admitted to CRNA school, would I have a chance with an online degree? I know I would have to greatly improve my GPA, atleast for the last 60 hrs to even be considered.

I'm 24 now and had to work fulltime to fund myself w/ out loans on my first degree. Just looking for any advice that might be helpful, before i consider completely switching directions.

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