Need advice from someone in Oaklahoma City area, please!

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I signed on tonight with intentions of coming to the bb, and received an IM from a 19 year old kid from Edmond, Oaklahoma. Normally, after booting up, I shut down AOL IM, but for some reason tonight, I didn't. She's severely depressed, on the brink of a severe eating disorder. Also has a father fighting mutiple brain tumors. Anyway, I am by no means a psychological nurse, so the best I could do is get her to agree on counceling IF I could get her the name and number of someone near her. She does have medical insurance with "Soonerhealth". Her mom is caught up in her father's illness, so the child feels all alone in this. Can any of you guys reccommend someone in that area???

Any help is very much appreciated!

I don't know anything about counselors in OKC but you/she could call any local psych hospital or teen/samariteen hotline for a name. Her insurance co should have a list, as should her guidance counselor if she's still in school. How about Alateen- not meant for her issues but should have a name of good adolescent resources. Good for you for trying to help.

Another thought- wherever Dad is being treated for his brain Ca should have a social worker- another place to look for resources.

Specializes in Pediatric Rehabilitation.

Thanks Ratchit. Wonderful ideas. I thought about the social worker, but her dad's being treated at Duke, so she's too far away. I'll check some of the leads you suggested. Thanks again.

hi, i have been in that area where you are, the mental health resources are numerous,the rural areas have counselors that work in human services in every town,edmond has grown since the early part of 1993, consult the DHC, and the mental health facilities in YUKON,that area has alot of cases like you mentioned,hope this has helped a little, if individual native american,their tribal group in edmond,cherokee will assist, great social workers,good luck darby.

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