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Need advice when to self refer to CA Intervention program

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Hi all,

Without going thru all the nitty gritty I am going to be self referring to the CA program for diversion. My employer has already reported me to the BRN 2 days ago, but they are wonderful and are allowing me to keep my job and will fully support me thru this process.

my question is when do I self report? My dilemma is that I absolutely HAVE to have two surgeries that I have been putting off. The pain from the injuries is what sent me spiraling down and lead to the diversion. If I don’t get these fixed I won’t have a single chance recovery. I have a supportive family and spouse, thank goodness, but I’m not sure how to proceed.

Should I just self report and tell them I’m having these surgeries and hope to have good MD coordination? The first surgery is only 7 days away, so should I get the surgery and then self report after that?

any advice is appreciated!

PS. I’m currently in the ashamed/scared/horrified state of mind, so any supportive advice in any general area of this mess is also appreciated.

thank you and much love to all.

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catsmeow1972 has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in OR.

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Get a lawyer! Have that attorney run interference for you with the program. Check TAANA for the name of someone in your state that is versed in these matters.

You need to take care of yourself first and foremost. That means getting through your surgeries with appropriate pain control measures with your surgeon and probably pain management/addictions professionals in the loop. After and only after that, deal with that program. Why? Because these monitoring programs answers any kind of pain management needs is pretty much a hard NOPE! Can’t do it.

These programs do not exist to help you recover in any way and they do not care one whit if you are screaming in legitimate pain or you need surgery. I recent,y shattered my wrist and had to have Plate and screw fixation. I have never hurt so bad in my life and I thank my lucky stars I am past and out of the prison sentence that was the time in monitoring.

Again....take care of YOU first!!!!

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Yeah I’m pretty much gonna mirror what cats just said.  Get competent legal counsel and listen to their advice. Ideally you will not self report or start monitoring until your surgeries are completed and you won’t need pain killers.  These fools that run these programs actually have counselors (social workers) reviewing the need for prescription meds written by mds.  When I heard this I said it was asinine as what would be the possible qualifications for a monitoring dolt with no qualifications to review medical necessity as issued by an md.  They literally told me I had a horrible attitude and that such could get me kicked outta the program even if I otherwise complied so I shut up but the world of monitoring is insane and I very much doubt they would approve pain control for you even if it’s most needed.  Take care of your medical needs and yourself and then tackle any substance abuse issues and this ferocious pig they call monitoring second.  Please before you start this process know what is going to be expected of you and for how long.  Be honest with yourself and decide if all this poop is worth it to stay in this profession.  People make money all sorts of ways.  It’s one reason so many leave this line of work.  Easier, less intrusive and stressful ways to make a buck and live a happy life.  Good luck and be well!!!

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