need some advice on school for lpn

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I am looking into going to school to become an lpn and then after a while bridging to rn. I have 4 children 9 and under. Looked into going straight into bsn degree, but financial aid didn't cover that much and can't afford all the extras and do not want huge student loans. I live in between Gainesville, Ga and Cornelia, Ga. If anyone is from around there or works around there, are lpn jobs fairly easy to find, and what is the pay like starting out? How much is it usually to go to school to be lpn? Looking into north ga tech. and how hard is the program? Thanks to anyone that can help:)

LPN's in your area make $8-15/hr. depending on where you work. Hospitals in your area do not hire LPN's - LTC do and some dialysis clinics hire LPN's but the jobs are few and difficult to get - read other posts in here. The cost of school varies from school to school and if you get financial aid as do the requirements for getting into the program so you would need to contact the school you are interested in directly. I know some schools have a waiting list of a year or more for any nursing program so if you are interested in getting into a school I'd suggest going ahead and looking at their web site then talking to someone directly at the school.

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