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Need advice and reassurance!


I am currently trying to get my CNA in Colorado, however I have a charge on my record from 6 years ago. Unfortunately the charge sounds much worse than what it really is. The charge reads(on my background check)cruelty to children. However, the charges were brought up because of unsafe living conditions, unlike what the charge implies. I have been working in ALFs since the charge and have gone without incident since then. I went through intense therapy and completed everything the courts asked me to, even finished probation early. I'm even willing to do the footwork to get the documentation on my rehabilitation as well as character statements, letters from my former employer, and anything else I could possibly need. I realize I made a mistake, but that was in my past. I'm a different person now and I can prove it. I want to obtain my CNA, so that I can move forward in my career and become a nurse. I would like to continue in geriatrics with a focus on hospice. My question is: can I even get a CNA and will anyone hire me? I'm very worried about this. If I can't get my CNA then I might as well change careers. I feel as though I was born to be a nurse, as everything comes so naturally to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I do not think that CNA classes discriminate against who can take the class, so I think you will be fine there. As for employment I think it sounds like you have everything under control there as well, and I can not think of any other advise for you. Just explain to your potential employer what happened, and show them all the documents that you just discribed here. All you can do is try, and do your best. Good Luck with everything.

Here a background check is required before entering CNA classes. That's the part that worries me the most. I'm afraid the BON won't grant me my license because of the nature of my charges.

I also fear that potential employers will not hire me. I've already applied and interviewed at a job and they wouldn't hire me because of my past. They didn't even allow me to explain the nature of my charges and refused to hire me even after I told them I could provide documentation that I have been rehabilitated.

I am so sorry, but I would not give up. Maybe there might be a class that is willing to take you, and there might be someone willing to employ you as well. You never know unless you try. I would not let your pass dictate what your future will hold. If this is something you truely want I'd keep at it. I am not saying it will be an easy road for you, but you never know.