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Need advice and opinions quick

Juju314 Juju314 (New) New

I've been working as a lpn for a few years now in a nursing home. My question is what do you do when the computer system goes down and you can't view an eMAR and no back up paper MARs are available? Do you go ahead and do a med pass or what? Is that considered a med error? I just need all advice good or bad on what to do.

quiltynurse56, LPN, LVN

Has 3 years experience. Specializes in LTC and Pediatrics.

I have had the issue where the computer was "down" due to maintenance. Went ahead and administered the scheduled meds, writing these down on paper. Was able to give PRN meds as we still ran paper narc sheets so was able to determine the order from that and the last time administered.

When I worked in LTC, we had policies in regards to what we should do in the event of the computers going down. You probably already know this... but you should always know your policies and procedures per your facility. And remember safety is always first. Don't do something if it doesn't feel right. If it were me, I would talk to my manager about it because not having a back up is unacceptable. The safety of the patients should always come first and not preparing for something like the computer crashing down is not good practice on management's part.


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