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I have a nursing certificate (3 years study, theory and practical) from National University Hospital in Singapore. I've been working as a registered nurse at that same hospital for 5 years now. I've also been thinking about converting my certificate to a Bachelors in Nursing so that I'll be able to work in the US. Questions I have:

1) how can I find out which degrees are accepted in the US and Singapore? I'm considering doing a 1-yr program in Australia which will give me a Bachelors in Nursing.

2) Is there a difference between Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Bachelors in Nursing? Will US accept Bachelors in Nursing?

3) Is it possible to get a job in the US if I just take the CGFNS and NCLEX exam (without the Bachelors)?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

You will get more replies on this from educators, but I just wanted to give you some general input. My guess is you will need to contact the nursing boards of individual states. If you have a good job in Singapore, you might want to consider waiting until we see what is going to happen under the new administration in Washington, DC. I'm trying not to sound negative, but nursing in the U.S. at the present time is not an arena I would want to move into. If your little heart is set on moving, I would suggest your pursuing your advanced degree here. Best of luck. sheba

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