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I was recently hired for a PT nights position on a pediatric floor of a community hospital. The nurse recruiter hired me for 2 nights a week or 24 hrs a week. All during my orientation I worked 2 shifts per week. When I finally came off of orientation my manager tells me that there must be some mistake that she meant to hire someone for 1 day per week.

I am still waiting to speak to the nurse recruiter who hired me, but according to my manager it sounds like they want to change my status to one day a week. This would make me no longer eligible for benefits and it was also mentioned to me that my sign on bonus would be for less money.

Can they legally do this to me? Any advice is appreciated before I speak to HR and the nurse recruiter on Monday. Thanks.

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Unless you had a signed contract or letter stating the number of hours per week there is little you can do about this. Without a contract, in most states an employer may change your hours, pay rate, benefits, etc. at any time. The only recourse you might have is unemployment insurance, but that is usually based on the length of time you have worked for the employer - in your case, not very long.

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Hopefully it was an honest mistake and not an intential "bait and switch" as being qualified for benefits would make a difference for many in accepting a position or not.

I didn't used to be so cynical but these things do happen. Honest mistakes happen too. I hope you can work something out.

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Did you relocate for this job? It may depend on the state you are in. You can always call Bill Handel. He's got a radio show in which he gives out free legal advice. You can get his number and air times at


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Well, I do have a noterized form relating to my sign on bonus, but I don't think I signed a contract. I do hope they are not trying to "bait and switch" me too, but I don't know. I guess I'll find out more on Monday.

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