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I am pregnant with my fourth @ 32 wks. Went for my 3rd u/s and things are not improving (don't feel like going into percentiles) but umilical pressure is increasing. This is my second child with decreased fetal developement my 3rd child was induced at 38wks and was 5'10 oz and fine. The fact that @32wks they are giving me the betamethasone kind of concerns me. This leads me to believe that we may not make it even to 36 wks. I am just trying to put my head around it all but I was wondering from a NICU standpoint what is the honest outlook for a baby delivered between 33-36wks for decreased fetal developement. So far the baby is very active and my first NST was fine. I will be going twice a week for NST and AFI's (that also concerns me). I have floated to the NICU so I have an idea how it all works but I am just trying to prepare myself from a mothers standpoint. I also know that things will probably be fine but my only was to cope is to be aware of the things I may encounter once the baby is delivered. Plus, what else to do while on bedrest!

Thanks for any input you all may have :).

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