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Need Advice on Management of Penrose Drain/Ostomy Bag


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My BIL underwent radical cancer surgery two weeks ago, which included a urostomy. He also has a Penrose drain with an ostomy bag for management of drainage from one of the surgical sites. My sister is having no problems with the urostomy. However, the Penrose drain and ostomy bag is giving her fits. No matter how small she cuts the opening to accomodate the drain or how well she cleans and preps his skin or any amount of adhesive will stop it from leaking. His HH nurse even tried using a special type of adhesive tape to seal and window it. Nothing works. Within hours of changing the ostomy, it has leaked through his clothes and onto the bed. She is becoming frustrated and exhausted from constantly having to wash and change sheets, clothing, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

chenoaspirit, ASN, RN

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Is she using an actual ostomy system around the penrose? maybe she could try one of the rings around the penrose and then attaching the ostomy system. Those rings are great, I love them. I would probably apply transparent around the penrose site to protect the peri-skin and prevent breakdown. I hope someone on here has some suggestions.

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Is there leaking from where the MD sutured the Penrose drain in? If so, try using coloplast strip paste, molding it around the area from the sutures, cutting the bag at the suture site, put the strip paste down then place the bag, the strip paste with hopefully create a dam so the drainage won't leak out.

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