Need some advice on LVN programs!


Hey everyone,

I've been looking into the BSN program at WCU in Ontario but I am very spectacle to pursue because they are not WASC accredited and their NCLEX passing rates are very low, I understand that it is a fairly new program but I am taking everything into consideration! My ultimate goal is to achieve my CRNA degree.

Most of the CC in my area are already in session. So I am looking into a LVN program at a vocational school i.e. Concorde, ACC or Summit (inland empire area).

My questions are:

* Any inside advice from current or pervious students from the schools I mention above (pros and cons)

* Anyone know if the vocational schools are WASC accredited?

* Has anyone pursued a LVN to BSN program from one of these schools?

* Any advice on volunteering at hospitals outside of school to gain more experience, will it increase my percent of finding employment as a new grad?

Please any info will help. I am new to this web site and I hoping to be in the correct area for some help. As you can see I am also new to the nursing field. So any tips to lead me in a successful path will be appreciated!:)


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Going the LVN to BSN (RN) route is extra work. For example, at my school LVNs who entered our program were only excused from the first semester of ASN school. A semester is 3 months. LVN school is about 10 months. LVN school can also cost more than a single semester of nursing school.


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That is a very good point!

I guess I am trying to figure out where to start. It just seems like such a long process at a CC, after completing all the req general Ed then its on to a waiting list or a lottery!! UGH sometimes I feel throwing in the towel!

I take my HESI enterance exam this Saturday for WCU we'll see how that goes ... How long did it take you to get into the nursing program??


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My school is a community college and they had a great way of selecting nursing students. There is no waiting list.

They have a point system. First you get points based on your entrance exam, then points for the your grade in your prereq sciences. Classes you withdrew from lowered your score and finally they picked the people with the highest points. So people with "9" were picked first then "8" and then if there were anymore seats the "7"s.

I got in the first time I applied. But I studied very well for my entrance exam and did most of my pre-reqs and co-reqs first.

I think LVN school doesnt make sense to me because it just adds more time on to your final goal. Are there any schools without a wait list near you? are you willing to relocate?


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LVN school can be practical for some to use as a permanent bridge or temporary one. For some, working is essential and having children is even more difficult to do a two-year RN program. On the other hand, with the lVN license, one can work sooner and be able to continue on to RN school later on. Some people can only take several shallow breaths and has to go up and breathe while some younger lungs are able to hold their breath for a whole minute.