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Well I completed my my nursing assistant classes in august and On monday I had started working for interim healthcare. Well that place is so unorganized. They had me scheduled for the from monday til tuesday for this older couple and I was to help her husband. The couple cancelled on monday and told interim that they only wanted to come on tuesday only, but interim scheduled me for the rest of the week anyway. When I got there on wednesday the couple and their nursing assistant was wondering what I was doing there and I told them interim had me scheduled and they never told me that I was to be there for only one day. So the lady let go ahead and stay since it was interim's fault. Her and the nursing assistant said the are so unorganized especially ever since the let the coordinator go and got someone else. She told me they were sending girls over and she didn't even know who they were and why they were there. Then after that interim had to find me some more cases. So they found me a case and they told me to go to this lady's house in trotwood, I live in dayton, ohio. They told me the address was on shiloh springs rd. So I asked them where it was and they told it was an apartment complex and then said well we gave you the woman's number call her and ask her where she lives and for the directions. I call the lady, and she doesn't know where she lives or what apartment complex she lives in. There are plenty of apartment complexes around there. So I call them back and ask them what's the name of the apartments, they couldn't even give me a name. My mother's getting pissed cause she said they should've had that information to give to me and we're riding all over wasting gas. So they tell me you go down and turn right on 1570, but the address you can't see it from the street you have to go around etc. So I ask them are the belle meadows apartments and she tells me it could be. So I told them I can't do the assignment cause I can't find the place, and she said well enough, bye and hung up. So I'm possibly out of a job now and I'm a little worried. What should I do?

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