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Need advice for inexpensive rn to bsn online program!


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This is my very first post on allnurses...I have been on as a guest for a long time and finally joined! Anyway, I have my AS degree and want to do RN to BSN online while working fulltime nights. I am mainly concerned with a program that is affordable, has NLN or CCNE accreditation, and preferably no group projects! I understand that writing papers, tests, and clinicals will be involved but really don't want the hassle of group projects. Time is not a big issue and I am happy to do it part time if I need to. University of Wyoming seems like it might fit the bill but I am open minded. I know it would be wise to really do my research before making this decision. Thanks!


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For an online program I hope you are expecting to pay $400-600 per credit. I don't know that you are going to get any more affordable than that.

That being said I go to Chamberlain. I have no clinicals or group projects. I wanted a program that didn't involve clinicals and found it!


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I don't think inexpensive exists...

Definitely do your homework and ask lots of questions here on allnurses.

Good Luck!


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i just saw a post on here a week or so ago that outlined a bunch of online programs...don't remember who posted it. but, i am leaning towards Excelsior, when i finish my asn anyway. they offer rn-bsn or msn. i've heard some good stuff about wyoming. and, have you looked into isu? i know their lpn-bsn is good, but i don't know anything about going from rn forward.

it's hot in phoenix

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I'm in the program at Grand Canyon University. I love the fact of a new class every 5 weeks. The group project isn't as bad as it sounds, they are powerpoint presentations. Cost $400/credit with a $500 scholarship to everyone for the first class:yeah::yeah::yeah:


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Thanks everyone! This is giving me a great place to start from. To 4littlemonkeys, How long does the Excelsior program take? Do you know what the approximate total cost would be? Are they good about giving you credit towards previous classes taken?