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Need advice on what I should do


Hello, I’m currently taking my last prerequisite (microbio) this semester, but I’m currently in a dilemma. Since I finish my last class this semester, I am able to apply for cal state's nursing programs this October/November, however, I have not taken the TEAS test yet. Since my microbio class is now online, I have to put more of my time into the class so that I am able to pass, but at the same time if I want to apply for transfer this year, I would need to take the TEAS test before January. I guess what I’m asking for is whether or not I should apply for transfer this year or wait another year. If I do it this year, I would need to juggle between microbio and studying for the TEAS, which can be overwhelming, especially since I practically forgot anatomy/physio since I took them long time ago. I can also fail the science portion pretty badly since I only have such a short period of time to study. 

 I could also just apply next year, and have practically the whole year to study and ace the exam, but for this situation, I personally feel like I’m so behind in my life. I know for my age, it’s not bad, I practically have my whole life to do this and figure it out, but I just feel bad for putting it off another year when I could’ve been in school, and I also feel like I’m disappointing my parents as well. I get overwhelmed with anxiety, and I feel pretty bad about myself and constantly put myself down (esp since I had left UCI after freshman year, and I should’ve been graduating next year).

What would you do in my situation? Any advice would be really helpful!