Need some advice...should I stay in LTC


Hey guys I could really use some advice. I've been working in and SNF for about 3 months now as an LVN. I only have about 8 months experience as a nurse. I hate this job and dread going into work everyday. This is a nice facility too. I work the 7-3 shift, it is a 45 bed facility with 2 LVN's one 1 RN on at a time. I work as the charge nurse/med nurse/tx nurse. The RN does the desk and all the IV's. My DON loves to tell us how easy we all have it. I understand it is the best possible set up for an SNF and I probably won't do better.

However, this job makes me feel like I am not cut out for nursing. I usually get everything done on time but I rarely take a break. as charge nurse I am constantly pulled from med pass to handle every situation whether it be to do a tx or talk to the MD or deal with a crisis. I sometimes feel like my med pass isn't safe because I rarely get through one pt without an interruption. I feel incredibly stressed out everyday. I go home in tears a couple times a week. I'm starting to get routines down and manage my time more effectively but I still continue to feel overwhelmed the majority of the time. If I can't handle a SNF job in the best possible circumstances, should I go back to the drawing board?

Today I gave my notice because I decided I just couldn't do it anymore. when I got home I got a call from the Director of the facility telling me she thinks I'm doing a great job and she wants me to stay. She just fired the DON and is going to bring in a DON who "will do a much better job", she tells me things will get better. The other nurses who have been there for years seem just as stressed as I am. It doesn't really seem like it will ever get better. I had decided to go back to waiting tables where I can make the same amount of money and not go home in tears and rethink my career choice. Am I being too hasty or should I follow my heart? I'm so conflicted about this decision. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I started out as a new grad RN in LTC and I HATED it. I then went on to outpatient clinic, then to a float nurse in the hospital and finally now I'm in peds oncology. Let me tell you I COULD NOT BE ANY HAPPIER!

Don't give up on nursing. You just need to find what makes you happy (:

I m working in LTC and hate it as well. Nurses here stay 2 hrs or more after the shift ended to finish the paper work without pay. How about finding a nursing job that is not in LTC?

Good luck. I am trying to get out of LTC. Too bad there is no nursing job waiting for me.