Need advice, Hesi exit 7 days away!!


Hello to all my fellow nurses (we have made it this far!),

I am taking my Hesi Exit Exam in just 7 short days (Nov. 8) and was looking to get advice from other nurses and students who have already taken the exam. I have done my studying, but wanted to see if there was any hesi hot subject topics that they like to ask us on the exam. As of now i feel as if my studying has been very broad and i would like to try to narrow it down to key points in the next couple days of reviewing before the exam! My email is I have to get a 900 to pass. Thank you all!!


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I take it Friday as well. I've been practicing yourbestgradehesi, exit hesi questions from them. I also use prep u, and someitmes saunders. I was told by our faculty that the exit hesi is heavy on med surg and maybe a good places to go back and review if you haven't already. Best of luck!!! :) Post how you do when done!


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I just took the exit HESI and got a very high score (1172). It was really heavy on Med/Surg and Fundamentals. Also review end-of-life and documents (advance directives, living wills, DNRs). In two days, I skimmed the HESI prep book and wrote down each Med/Surg topic and only ONE line of key words I needed to know about it. Then did comprehensive questions in HESI and Saunders the day before the test. Also, if you are taking the 160 question exit HESI, then take at least one break! Your brain goes fuzzy and you stop really reading the questions. The break with a snack, stretch, and bathroom can help regain focus again. Good luck!


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Did your school do a HESI live review? We took our HESI 10/20/14. It was way easier for me than I had thought. I got 945, but my score would have been higher had I not accidentally pushed "submit" at least 3 times and locked in the wrong answer-read twice before you get your mouse anywhere near the submit! class had a VERY wide margin of was in the mid 600's, and had at least 2 people break 1000. Honestly you can't study for it too much. Either you know it or you don't, but if you don't, try to dissect the question. Most of the time, you'll know at least part of the info, and you can eliminate some choices to improve your chances of a correct guess. I did much better than I thought I would, because my test scores had not been very stellar as of late (some was from being an auditory learner and having an instructor who did not lecture at ALL, and some was because life had been incredibly stressful) but I went in to the computer lab with the knowledge that regardless of what happened, I was done with my RN program, and I'd get some great ideas of what to study for the NCLEX. Granted my program didn't require a passing grade to complete the program, but, at least from what I know of those that do, you should get at least one more chance, right? If you took a live review, that's really all you need. If not, just do some NCLEX review questions and read rationales even on ones you got right. Best of luck!!!